Top 6 Beauty Filter Apps

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Who doesn’t love a good beauty filter?

Beauty Apps are a great way to look great with minimal effort. I’ve found myself using a Beauty App because I couldn’t be bothered to wear makeup that they. I can choose my eyeshadow, lipstick colour, add some blush and I’m done. It’s a quick beauty fix, without spending time applying makeup.


Here are some user-friendly Beauty Filter Apps to get you started.


1.Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus


I personally use this all the time, especially while I’m travelling and haven’t had the time to put on makeup. The app’s features allow you to have flawless, glowing skin, remove eye bags and apply your own makeup. There is an option to create the perfect smile by brightening your teeth and widening your grin. You also have the option to make yourself taller (this requires some skills, if not done properly your photo can come out looking distorted) and experiment with different hair colours.

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