#BeautyBestSellers: The Best-Selling Beauty Tools On Net-a-Porter (And Why)


Not only do facial tools look good on the ‘gram and pretty on Pinterest, their resulted usage promises the same for our face. Many of the popular hand-held devises feed our collective desire for more sculpted features – something we’re now very used to seeing via social media (often enhanced by make-up, dermal fillers and/or flattering filters), and clearer skin (who doesn’t want those influencer #makeupfreeselfies to be their reality?). But they also buy into the marriage of skincare and self-care. A ritualistic daily facial routine incorporating a tool, be it a traditional or techy one, means time out for oneself in our increasingly connected and hectic existences.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for both traditional and technology-based tools,” a representative from Net-a-Porter tells us, confirming that sales of facial tools were up by 189% in 2018. In addition to the likely face rollers, the luxury retailer says it’s also "started to see an increase in the demand for face cleansing tools, such as those by BeGlow and Foreo, which had previously seen a decline in 2017”.

Below we explain why Net-a-Porter’s current best-selling beauty tools are so popular.

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Kora Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit

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Claims: “It can reduce puffiness and eliminate toxins. Made of rose quartz (a healing stone that helps to ease tension, stress and anxiety), it can promote feelings of happiness and emotional well-being.”

Verdict: If skincare is self-care, and you believe in crystal healing, this is for you. Aesthetically-speaking, it will stimulate circulation granting a glow, and help lift slackening skin.

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