Celebrating World Sleep Day with Lush at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur


Stepping out of the elevator and onto my room floor at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, i’m immediately met with the calming scent of lavender—and it instantly sets the tone for my stay. Unlocking the room door, it’s as if i’ve stepped into a Lush store with sweet and relaxing aromas filling the air.



The perfect setting to celebrate World Sleep Day—the room is comforting and inviting, with the large king size bed already bewitching me. The floor-to-ceiling windows sprawl around the whole room and exposes a wondrous view of the city skyline, but, it’s the scents spilling from the bathroom that has peaked my attention. Right by the sink i spot a pot of Lush’s Beauty Sleep—and this starts the little treasure hunt around the room to find what other Lush goodies that are sprinkled around. A waltz further into the bathroom and by the sizeable bath tub is a row of bath bombs, bubble bars and the Sleepy shower gel—a personal favourite. Taking the glass door back into the bedroom and on the bedside table I also spot the Sleepy Body Lotion—strategically placed, its notes of lavender, tonka and cocoa butter are alluring me to just forget the rest of the day and head straight for bed.



Next on the agenda was dinner at Thirty8—just a floor below the lobby and on the 38th floor. Fueling up the body for our upcoming deep sleep, we settled in to our table that had such a glorious view of the twin towers—our server letting us know that the view gets even better at night.

The highlight of our night was the Chef + Bar menu—a progressive cocktail flight, it features four petit cocktails that are thoughtfully paired with signature bites from the Thirty8 kitchen. We have lift-off and start our journey with the Kryptoni—laced with house-infused pandan gin, its paired with a serving of salmon tartare. Now in cruise control, the Thirty8 Sling is introduced—our favourite of the night, it’s a Malaysian take on the Singaporean signature and is served alongside prawn tempura. The Caribbean Cluck follows and the Anchoco’s house-infused chocolate whisky smoothly scales down the throat to end the flight on a sweet and spicy note.



Wasting no time, we swiftly head back to the room with full bellies. Thankful for the large tub in the room, I turn on the faucet and run the Sleepy bubble bar under the stream of water, enveloping the bath with pretty streaks of purple and pink and a mountain of bubbles. 45 minutes later, we’re lathered in Sleepy body lotion, in bed and ready to welcome World Sleep Day to its fullest.

Shop the full Sleepy range either on the Lush website at lush.my or pop into any of their physical stores! Having one of our best sleeps yet at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, your future one-night stay is on them when you purchase one F&B Dining Credit Voucher worth from MYR 699 nett, for more information, click here.