Dick Page: Five-Minute Maestro


dickpage Dick Page

“The secret to my models’ glowing skin? After completing the moisturising step with Shiseido Ultimune, I apply Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer, followed by foundation on the skin. You apply the foundation by dabbing it onto your face with a moistened sponge. This gives a beautifully natural finish, so you end up looking almost as if you’re not wearing any make-up at all.”

Dick Page sketch for Zero

Page’s sketch for Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring/Summer ’15



“I created a shiny and glossy effect for the eye at the Zero + Maria Cornejo show using Naiad, named after a Greek water nymph. Just a wash on the lid, along the lower lash line, and at the inner corner, which adds a sparkling flash of lightness.”

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Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer


“If you are going for fresh-faced ingénue, you should use a glossy light-coverage foundation. If a professional look is what you want, I recommend using a more matt foundation with high coverage. When you’re testing colours, apply foundation right around your jawline. If the colour blends in with the skin on your face and neck, you know you have a match.”

dickpage backstage

Page backstage at the Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring/Summer ’15 show


“Indispensable. It can be used to blend the outlines of cheek or eye colours, in addition to serving as a light bronzer or highlighter.”


Shiseido Luminizing Face Colour in BE206, RM110

Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer

Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer


Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer

Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in RD506; PK405; and BE301