Explore Diptyque’s Limited Edition Le Grand Tour Collection


Continuing their 60th anniversary celebrations, Diptyque are treating us to a wondrous worldwide trip to House favourite destinations that embody the Diptyque spirit. Introducing their limited edition Le Grand Tour collection, it sets the scene for an olfactive journey to the magnificent cities of Kyoto, Paris, Venice, Milies and Byblos. Whilst we still can’t physically travel out of the country just yet, we’re using these crafted fragrances as our vehicle of choice. Inspiring the scent of candles, perfumes, and scented ovals, we’re struggling to choose which destination to tour first!



The signature Diptyque candle is reimagined to embody classic Parisian charm. The first stop of Le Grand Tour, it paints the picture of the Seine and imperfect cobbled streets. Notes of polished wood and spicy vanilla accents revive memories of quais lined with weeping willows and chestnut trees, and dottings of antiquarians and bookshops that are akin to the Left Bank.

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A destination dear to the heart of the founders of Diptyque, The Venise scent is bodied in a set of three, travel-sized vials. Its scent perfectly emulates the vegetable gardens that the area is prized on. Fresh basil mingles with green peppers and luscious mandarin to marry together in a bright vegetal bouquet that is met with a spicy touch of vetiver.



The scented oval from Diptyque is one of our must-have home accessories, and we are obsessed with this Greek inspired Milies fragrance and packaging design. Reminiscent of the Diptyque founders’ summer escapes to Mount Pelion, the scent retraces their journeys between mountain and coast. Its warm-cool mélange of spicy and woody aromatic notes evokes the contrasts and richness of the Mediterranean landscape.

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The striking maroon hue of this limited edition Kyoto eau de toilette is what had our hearts racing as soon we laid eyes on this collection. Inspired by Ikebana, the art of Japanese floral composition, it is based on three fragrances: the rose for the people, incense for the heavens, and vetiver for the earth. The combination of these elements birth a wilder and woody take on your typical rose fragrance.



The final stop of Le Grand Tour, the Byblos is influenced by the world’s oldest port, found in Lebanon. Earthy and spicy, expect to be greeted with notes of roasted coffee, cedar and cardamom—all cognate scents to the area. Its unique marble-clay vessel is inspired by wisps of coffee smoke, giving the casing an interesting wispy hue which makes for a pronounced collection item.

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