Here’s How to Orgasm Better

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It’s all about letting go

When you orgasm, your body releases dopamine — a feel-good hormone — and oxytocin, all of which help increase your emotional well-being. These hormones are the kind that can make you feel happy and diminish stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard for women to orgasm and let go because of a lack of arousal, libido, stimulation, and more. 

Whether it’s vaginal, clitoral, combo, erogenous or convulsing, there are several ways for you to orgasm and we’ve curated a guide to help you get to that brink of joy. 

Scroll below to see our list of ways to achieve an orgasm. 

7 ways to improve your orgasm: 

Play With Yourself

Let’s go back to the basics! Start by just touching yourself and learning what feels good for you. If you need assistance, consider investing in a sex toy — a vibrator or stimulator. Practice makes perfect, so get naked, relax, and experiment with different sensations — squeezing, pinching or caressing. And, do take notes of the locations that make you feel tingly because that’s where you’d want to touch and fondle every single time you have sex. 

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Use Other Stimulants

Your whole body is a wonderland. Sex isn’t just about penetrating and it isn’t the only option to reach your greatest height. Your body is full of erogenous areas, so it’s time to figure out what gets you going. Whether it’s featherlight kisses on your neck, ear biting, intense grabbing of your waist or pinching of the nipples, there’s a slew of erogenous spots that can improve your orgasm. All you need to do is explore until you hit your edge. 

Read Steamy Romance Books

With immaculate and sizzling scenography, steamy romance books should be your go-to for inspiration, to learn something new, and to help you recreate scenes. Plus, reading steamy romance books can really broaden your imagination and fuel a better sex escapade. Every page will have instructions on what you can recreate or try to enhance your experience with your partner. It’s also a great stepping stone for beginners to get comfortable with sex and pleasure. 

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Try New Locations 

Skip the bed once in a while — sometimes it isn’t just about grabbing the headboard and going on all fours on the bed. Try something else to drive you to the brink of orgasm. Whether it’s against the wall, on the kitchen table or in the car, there are endless options to try. If you’re a little bit adventurous join the mile-high club or hit the beach for a scandalous public setting experience. 

Be Vocal

Do not be shy to speak your mind. There’s nothing wrong with telling your partner what’s working and not working for you. You can even do it during sex because communication is key to achieving what you want. 

Do Foreplay 

The best way to achieve extreme pleasure is to build up the tension and the angst. Whether it’s a striptease, kissing or initiating oral sex, things like this can boost your sex experience. If you’re too shy to kick things off, then start bit by bit or do number 3 on our list, read a steamy romance book to get you comfortable! 

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Try A New Position 

Trust us, missionary isn’t the only sex position. Explore different sex positions and if one doesn’t work, then choose another one. From doggy to reverse cowgirl and more, there are more than 30 sex positions for you to try, so start googling! 

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