I Tried Active Oxygen Whitening Toothpaste for One Month


I’m not one to have brand loyalty with most products in my life, but I have to admit that I am such a creature of habit when it comes to toothpaste. Once I fall in love with one, it is almost impossible to fall out of love with it and to take the risk of trying something new. With my go to being the Colgate Optic White Dazzling White toothpaste, trying the new Optic White O2 Whitening toothpaste felt like I was betraying a beloved partner at first, but it then quickly won me over. Having chosen the Optic White range for its whitening properties, I was amazed at how quickly I saw results with this O2 Whitening version. 


So what makes this formula different to the rest of the Optic White Range? Firstly, is the inclusion of active oxygen. Expect millions of active oxygen bubbles effervesce as you brush, which then envelop the teeth to lighten stains. 

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Wanting to truly see if there would be a difference, I embarked on a thirty day journey of trialling the new O2 Whitening toothpaste. On day one I was super excited to start this new adventure as the prospect of brightened teeth in just three days sounded like a dream. Always looking for an at-home whitening maintenance to lighten and to make sure my teeth look good, I would never be opposed to trying something new. 


Firstly, the feeling of this toothpaste is nothing I’ve ever experienced when brushing before. You don’t necessarily feel the actual bubbling, but you do feel a bit of a warming sensation. Alarmed at first, this is actually a good thing that’s supposed to happen as it indicates the formula is activated and working. 

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For my teeth, it wasn’t till the fifth day till i saw the whitening take effect. I typically have a bit of staining on the bottom front teeth and I was pleased to see those stains diminish in less than a week. Feeling incredibly motivated after seeing the change, I didn’t expect myself to feel so great about this—it was an immense confidence booster and I could happily smile with ease. 



Helping to go beyond the surface and dive into the deeper layers of the enamel, the toothpaste works beyond the external surface, and also removes intrinsic staining that you typically wouldn’t be able to see with your eyes.  


Fast forward to day thirty and my teeth have never looked whiter. It doesn’t beat your medically administered whitening treatments at the dentist, but for a at-home solution, I was incredibly impressed by the results. I’m more confident than ever when it comes to cracking a smile and its minty flavour has become a favourite too. I’ll definitely be sticking to the O2 Whitening for my beauty routine moving forward and I can’t wait to see how my teeth will improve with longer use. 

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For more information on the new Colgate Optic White O2 Whitening toothpaste, click here! And to shop the Optic White O2 Whitening toothpaste, head over to their Official Lazada and Shopee stores!