In Full Bloom With Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight

From healing oils to grand gardens, the esteemed rose has weaved its way into history books and the backs of women’s minds everywhere as a symbol of beauty, love, and devotion. Perhaps it is apt then, how the bloom finds itself at the heart of Bvlgari’s latest eau de parfum.

A new page for the Rose Goldea fragrance, the Rose Goldea Blossom Delight centres around the soft petal infusion of Bulgarian Rose.

First launched as a tribute to femininity, a new page is drawn for the Rose Goldea with the arrival of Blossom Delight. Inspired by the coming-of-age tale, Alberto Morillas imagines the freshness of rosebuds at sunrise for the scent’s composition, opening with the crisp, raw scent of violet leaf, jasmine, and green papaya. Mirroring the sparkling confidence in a young woman growing into her own, the scent then blooms into its heart note and its key ingredient—the alluring soft petal infusion of Bulgarian Rose.

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A precious elixir of joy and femininity in the eyes of the esteemed nose, the rose never ceases to amaze the perfumer, “During harvest, each rose reveals a unique scent and delivers a rare extract with myriad of nuances.”

“In this new Rose Goldea Blossom Delight edition, I wanted to capture its full range natural qualities; the freshness of rosebud at sunrise, the vibrant green leaves, and the magical flower that slowly opens to relinquish its fabulous fragrance. I imagined a rose in all its facets in order to create a fragrance that is sparkling, sophisticated, and modern, for all women who love this flower,” says the esteemed nose of his latest Bvlgari creation.

Bvlgari’s Rose Goldea Blossom Delight was inspired by the bloom of a rose, and its mirrored metaphor to a woman at the cusp of adulthood.

At the centre of art and culture in South Korea, BAZAAR explores Bvlgari’s interactive space that signifies discovery and the start of a journey. With the soft whisper of the Rose Goldea Blossom Delight lingering in the air, Bvlgari reminds us that beauty can be found in the softest petals, and often, where you least expect it—like in an ethereal scent that captures a rosebud in bloom.

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In contrast to Rose Goldea’s elegant and self-confident woman, the Rose Goldea Blossom Delight is optimistic and brimming with spontaneity, much like the face of the perfume, South Korean actress Kang So-Ra. BAZAAR catches up with the 29-year old girl-on-the-go to discuss energising scents, new journeys, and of course, the eternal rose.

5 Minutes with … Kang So-Ra

Actress and face of Rose Goldea since 2017, Kang So-Ra, at the regional launch in South Korea

I never leave the house without … my Bvlgari perfume, an eco-bag, and sunscreen.

I love a fragrance with … a feminine touch that can bring me inspiration.

I think Bvlgari’s latest fragrance would appeal to … all women. It’s feminine and it’s fresh and it just has this re-energising property to it.

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If I were to describe my personal style in one word … it would be casual. Which is why I never leave home without the Blossom Delight—it’s light enough to be worn daily, and it pairs well with every outfit; from casual to formal dress.

The Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight … is a beautiful scent of rose that blossoms in the morning.

A rose to me is … something every woman has within her heart. We need to water it, care for it, and keep it alive.

If I were to create my own perfume, it would be … the scent of my mum. As I grow older, I’m reminded that she too is growing older, and I would love to be able to immortalise her scent.

Starting a new journey means to me … that you can go anywhere with a little courage and faith.

Dive into the floral rose musk notes of Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight, available at Bvlgari boutiques nationwide.