Swiss Line Presents: Prime Time

In the proverbial race against the clock, there isn’t time to waste. Luxury skincare brand Swiss Line understands this, which is why it has perfected the art of zeroing in on the issue and combating ageing right at its core: your skin cells. A pionerr in the field of cellular therapy, Swiss Line offers scientifically advanced treatments designed to work on a cellular level. For over 20 years, the brand’s cult range Cell Shock has helped firm slack skin and smooth wrinkles. Recognising the growing skin needs of urban women that demand equally powerful solutions, Cell Shock classics now see an upgrade in their signature formula, offering a radical youth boost without the need for drastic procedures. Ready for your lift off?

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II, RM698


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Fortified with Swiss Line’s revolutionary Urban-Detox Complex, the enhanced Cell shock Face Lifting Complex II incorporates botanical biotech ingredients to effectively shield skin from environmental toxicity – the culprits behind facial dullness and weakened elasticity. Infused with the active tensors, this intenstive serums forms an elastic film on the skin’s surface to provide and immediate lifting effect, while the signature Cellactel 2 Complex helps strengthen collagen fibres within the skin. Coupled with clarifying benefits, this resilient age-fighter reduces signs of fatigue and ensures complexion perfection with every pump.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II, RM438


Eliminate fine lines and tackle crow’s feet around the delicate eye area with the Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II. Soothing and refreshing to the touch, the advanced formula contains nasturtium stem extract, which mimics how the plant metabolises the same protein required to seal plant wounds and encourage tissue regeneration, all while supplying oxygen to the skin to aid tissue recovery. With the inclusion of tiny spheres that release vitamin E upon contact, tired eyes are instantly awakened and visibly brighter in the long run.

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Available at Cheerful Beauteepro partner beauty salons nationwide.