The party season habits that will disrupt your skin – and why

With the festive season now well and truly underway, diaries are being filled with party after party. As fun as this time is, it can have a detrimental impact on our skin.

Here, nutritionist Aimee Benbow, BSc (Hons), MSc, ANutr at leading ethical vitamins company Viridian Nutrition, reveals the three party season habits that can disrupt the skin the most, along with advice on how to counteract damage.

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The hangover fry-up


Excessive drinking often leads to fast food and a craving for a fried breakfast. It is a common belief that a traditional English breakfast is the best hangover cure and a heavy night out can often pave the way to an increase in appetite for several days. Many believe that food cravings and an increase in appetite is simply part of the parcel when you are enjoying a drink, however, there is science behind it. Alcohol urges the brain to release galanin, a chemical that ignites a craving for fatty foods. Even after a good night’s sleep after your night out, your galanin levels will be higher than usual.

“Consuming heavy amounts of poor-quality fats can result in outbreaks,” reveals Benbow. “Foods that are fried use high amounts of oil which are heavily processed and refined. This can lead to oilier skin and in turn, trigger outbreaks.

“You can ensure your skin is nourished with flax seed or hemp seed oil. These contain healthy fats, rich in omega 3, which are beneficial for skin tone and fluidity,” she says.

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