7 Destinations To Host Your Perfect Bachelorette Getaway

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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Your bachelorette party is about bonding with your favourite people as much as it is about celebrating the change in your relationship status, so destinations with multiple merits – a relaxing ambiance, scenic views, amazing food, and a bustling nightlife – are key for everyone to have a good time.So whether your ideal getaway is fun in the sun or action and adventure, there’s a vacation perfect for you and your friends.

Scroll down to see our top seven destinations to host a bachelorette party.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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When you think of New Orleans, the first thing that comes to mind is Bourbon Street or Mardi Gras. And, yes New Orleans is quite the party city, but it’s also rich in culinary treasures, jazz music, and impeccable history. Go bar-hopping, take a ghost tour, browse through voodoo shops, and inhale as many beignets and cups of café au lait from Cafe du Monde. Whether you’re a bunch of party people or prefer to keep things chill, New Orleans is one of the most perfect destinations for the inbetweeners.

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Aspen, Colorado

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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Perfect for the nature fiend, Aspen is a glamorous mountain town known for its aprés ski, mountainside accommodations, and alpine bistro, cafés, and snazzy bars. Go skiing in the morning and then snag a spiked hot chocolate to warm up before hitting the trendiest restaurants and nightclubs for some champagne-popping. Aspen is the perfect destination for the stylish yet-sporty girl gang.

Ibiza, Spain

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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Humming with eclectic energy, Ibiza is a clubber’s paradise with its booming nightlife. The party island is also home to world-class DJs, turquoise waters and culinary adventures. It’s not all fun and chaos though – Ibiza is also the perfect place for yoga retreats and immersing yourself in sound baths. Combined with the hedonistic nightlife and a wellness extravaganza – it’s the perfect spot for those who are looking for a balanced good time.

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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There’s an abundance of oceanviews, guacamole, and tequila here and that should be enough for you to pick Cabo San Lucas as your bachelorette destination. With stunning panoramic views, sun-drenched adventures, trendy bars and nightclubs, and authentic Mexican food, this place is bound to make it the best bachelorette ever. And, with Cabo being a longtime celebrity favourite, you can bank on feeling like Hollywood royalty.

Palm Springs, California

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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For all the laid-back girls, Palm Springs should be your go-to destination. Dotted with chic hotels, hiking trails, and modern architecture, you’ll find calm and tranquillity here. Pro tip: bring along a photographer for a stunning photoshoot for the girls. The peaceful, barren desert landscape is definitely Instagram-worthy.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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There is a maze of urban murals, tucked-away galleries, scenic hiking trails, and oceanviews that will make jetting away to San Juan, Puerto Rico an exciting adventure. There are a bunch of all-inclusive resorts for you to choose from on the island, and you can enjoy hands-on activities like snorkelling or ziplining with your girls. Come night time you can chill at your resort, or head out to the local clubs for some cocktail-fuelled fun.

Bali, Indonesia

Destination Bachelorette Getaway

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Nowhere on the planet offers the same combination of surfing, tasty cocktails, lush paddy fields, crystal-blue waters, and spirituality as Bali. A bachelorette getaway here means eating delicious Indonesian food, sipping on cocktails at the best beach clubs, dancing the night away with your girls at the nightclub, and taking a spa day after getting sun-kissed. The pleasures of Bali and its culture, food, and entertainment will make it an unbeatable time.

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