Nora Khalid: The Flavour Mash-up


Blu Top Ice Cream Pop-Up Truck, London
Pairing: Brown toast and jam ice cream sandwiched between cinnamon cookies, topped with pecan streusel. Blu Top makes everything fresh themselves, and the pairings of different textures of the cookies and the streusel gives the dessert so much depth. Its intense flavours you would never usually find in an ice cream bowl sundae. Addictive!


Maalifushi by Como, Maldives
Pairing: Smoked tuna with sambal and coconut egg white omelette. I would never have thought to put these ingredients together in an omelette, yet the pairings of these ingredients are so simple and familiar. I had it everyday during my stay. Best and most memorable breakfast to date.

Whisk Espresso Bar + Bake Shop, Kuala Lumpur

Pairing: Common Man Coffee Roasters’ Lucky Basterd Blend with milk and Whisk’s toasted zucchini nut bread. It provides a whole other experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find crème brûlée notes with a creamy caramel-like finish. G139, 1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03-7722 1020