10 Definitive It-Bags of 2019

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If ever there were an expert qualified to list the most desirable bags to invest in right now, it's Anna Vitiello, co-founder of And Finally - an online go-to accessories destination, offering an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry. Here, she introduces the 10 bags to invest in this year.

Just a few years ago, it might have seemed too obvious, or bad taste, even, to sport such a recognisable accessory - a mood that gave rise to a number of brilliant new brands that pride themselves on invisible branding understated design. But the tides have shifted and our thirst for ‘It-bags has returned. So what do the next 12 months hold for these cult-status, wait list-inducing handbags that seemingly sell out faster than we can reach the queue for them? The answer, in short, is a bright future: behold a new breed, prepare to fall over yourselves to get your hands on one.

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5 Fendi


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix, just make it even better. Continuing the label’s string of cult status bags to come out in recent seasons, Fendi has taken a true classic – the Peekaboo – and made it unapologetically cool with the addition of the ‘defender’. With useful compartments plastered all over the ready-to-wear as well as the bags (labelled for those seeking unambiguous efficiency) the chic colour ways and functional elements feel experimental and timeless in equal measure. Utility is going to be one of the season’s biggest trends, so why not go the whole hog and pair it with neutral cargo pants and a crisp shirt.

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