Boss Invites You To Share Your Personal Origin Story

Boss inspires with a Spring/Summer ’23 campaign that illustrates the origin story of stars the likes of Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Maluma and Lee Minho...and wants you to join in the fun.

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Boss Origin Story Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Boss continues its Big Boss energy with a Spring/Summer '23 campaign that asks, what's your origin story?

Wanting to connect to a wider Boss community, Boss understands that in our current social climate, it's not enough to purely rely on beautiful images to sell clothes. In an age that values engagement—digital or otherwise—a fashion campaign has to mean something. It has to offer a connection.

Boss Origin Story

Khaby Lame


That connection can be bridged through the strength of storytelling. Not just any storytelling, but meaningful storytelling. Especially one that represents the very ethos—and yes, also the clothes—that Boss itself believes in. Clothes after all maketh the individual. They echo our personal principles.

Personal Narratives

Thus, as a continuation of its previous campaign, which saw the German label's empowering motto “Be Your Own BOSS” go viral last year, this new campaign thrusts six global talents from various fields into the spotlight, where they are given a platform to share their personal narratives as a means to inspire others towards personal ambition.

These talents are British supermodel Naomi Campbell, Colombian superstar Maluma, American supermodel Gigi Hadid, South Korean actor Lee Minho, Italian Tik Tok creator Khaby Lame and Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini.

Boss Origin Story

Boss S/S '23 campaign featuring Lee Minho, Matteo Berrettini & Gigi Hadid


The campaign unfolds with videos of each personality sharing their personal origin story through a series of childhood photos and past videos that illustrates their struggles before the fame that plays out like a visual collage of their paths to triumph.  A “Boss” after all isn’t born, but made. The campaign is photographed by Mikael Jansson, with creative direction from Trey Laird.

Clothes Maketh The Individual

As for the clothes showcased in the campaign, the Spring/Summer ’23 collection is made up of elevated sportswear marked by soft tailoring, all imbued in what has become the Boss signature colour palette of black, white and camel. The collection delivers a sophisticated aesthetic defined by a city-inspired spirit that also expresses a summery, off-court vibe, with pieces that can speak to one's individuality.

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Boss Origin Story

Khaby Lame & Naomi Campbell

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