Celebrating Hussein Chalayan With 3 Of His Greatest Creations


Hussein Chalayan is one of the greatest storytellers in the history of fashion as his body of work incorporates technology and boldness to create not only beautifully-cut clothes but most importantly, an unforgettable sophisticated performance. Born in Cyprus and then educated at Central St. Martins in London, the designer first showcased his experimental vision through his final-year collection titled “The Tangent Flows” where it was subsequently featured in the window of Brown’s. Chalayan continued on to make waves in the fashion world by founding his own label — which turns half a century this year.

His show yesterday at London Fashion Week debuted his 25-year anniversary collection called Pretension. A title as well as a jab at the fashion industry and its opinion of Chalayan as a mere showman. However, the show served to highlight that imagination and pretense are integral elements to the Chalayan DNA, as without it, there would be no incredibly narratives to be found. In light of the recent 25-anniversary Chalayan show, we revisit 3 of his greatest creations throughout his long illustrious career.

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The Airplane Dress


One of fashion’s greatest moments: Chalayan’s famous Airplane Dress from his Spring/Summer 2000 collection. The garmen, made out of fiberglass and resin composite, opened to reveal baby pink tulle. Best of all? It was activated via remote control, operated by a little boy. 

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