Exclusive: 9 Questions with Longchamp Brand Ambassador Kim Se-Jeong

A moment to remember. 

Korean actress, singer and Longchamp brand ambassador Kim Se-Jeong made her way to The Exchange TRX for the launch of Longchamp’s largest boutique in Malaysia last week.

For those who are fans of the superstar, you’re in for a treat. 

Famed for her role in the series “Business Proposal” and hit tune “Top or Cliff”, the 27-year-old actress and singer holds a myriad of achievements under her belt. One of them is by being appointed as Longchamp’s brand ambassador in 2023. With her charming personality and exceptional talent, Kim Se-jeong has become a beloved figure in the industry.

Last week, we had the opportunity to chat with the visionary Global Brand Ambassador, who shared with us her experience representing the brand, her favourite Longchamp bags and her personal style. 

Read on to learn more about Kim Se-Jeong’s exciting journey with Longchamp.

Check out our interview with Longchamp’s brand ambassador Kim Se-Jeong:


Welcome back to Malaysia! How does it feel to be back here with Longchamp today?

“On my last visit, the stay was short, but the weather and energy were great. I’m happy to be back in KL. I look forward to coming back.”

What are you most excited about your visit here in Kuala Lumpur?

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“Firstly, being a Longchamp Ambassador is a great responsibility that I take very seriously. I always strive to promote the brand to the best of my abilities and it is an honour for me to work with Longchamp. I am excited to collaborate on more collections that will be released with the brand in the future.”

It’s been a whole year since you’ve been appointed as Longchamp’s global brand ambassador, what was the experience like for you?

“To begin with, as I mentioned earlier, being a Longchamp Ambassador is a great responsibility. I am grateful that Longchamp trusts and supports me throughout the entire process. As an ambassador, I aim to repay them with sincerity. I am excited to represent their amazing collection of clothes, apparel, bags, and shoes. This opportunity also motivates me to take better care of myself, work out diligently, and prepare myself for any occasion, so that I can live up to the expectations of being a Longchamp Ambassador.”

What is your most memorable moment with Longchamp so far?

“For me, every time I go for a photo shoot for a new collection, it becomes a memorable experience. It is especially memorable when the shoot takes place in Paris, as the Longchamp family always takes care of me when I’m there. They take pride in their collection and explain the inspiration behind it, allowing me to better understand their brand as a model and ambassador. Each time I go to Paris for a collection photo shoot, I feel like I am building a stronger relationship with the Longchamp family.”

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What’s one word you’d use to describe Longchamp?

“I believe that Longchamp is a genuine brand. It consistently reflects positivity and energy, which is a testament to its longevity as a brand. Not only is the brand and its collections authentic, but the people behind Longchamp are also very genuine. I have noticed that there is no hierarchy within Longchamp, and the entire team works together towards a common goal of bringing the best for everyone.”

What is your favourite collection from Longchamp and why?

“I have two favorite bags. The first one is the Roseau bag, which I consider to be a signature bag. I love its simple design, as it allows me to carry it every day, and it also has some intricate detailing. It is suitable when I want to go for a casual look, or when I want to dress up. It’s a versatile bag that fits well with my style.

The second bag I love is the Le Pliage. It’s a bag that people of all ages would love, as it’s light and practical. I’m the type of person who brings a lot of stuff with me, and this bag has all the sizes available, making it suitable for everyone.”

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What are your go-to essentials to carry with you everyday?

“I always carry three items with me. Firstly, a diary that I use as a calendar to take notes every day. Secondly, I carry a pencil case as I like to write and erase things. So, I take a little bit of stationery with me. Finally, I bring a book with me, although I don’t read that much. I carry it with the intention of increasing my vocabulary. I try to read it whenever I get time.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“My personal style coincidentally aligns with longchamp’s design aesthetics very well. I’m someone who values comfort, simplicity and practicality. Plus, their designs are versatile enough to be dressed up or down, making them my go-to choice for any occasion.”

You have been keeping yourself busy with multiple projects including your theatre debut and album release, what can fans look forward to in 2024?

“I don’t have any confirmed plans yet, so it’s difficult for me to share any details. However, I am working hard to prepare for my upcoming album as a singer and reviewing scripts to find a suitable drama to act in. This year, I am also prioritizing intentional rest and personal growth to become a more well-rounded person.”

All images courtesy of Longchamp.

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