Madonna’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments Through The Years

Madonna, the Queen of pop, turns 60 today. While dominating the 1980s, 1990s and present with infamous pop culture moments, controversial stunts and hit singles, over the past few decades Madonna has also cemented herself as a fashion icon - each look carefully curated to match whatever project, look or event she's currently working on.

From establishing the look of the Eighties to her ongoing collaborative relationship with Jean Paul Gaultier, we take a look back at Madonna's most fashion moments. 

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Like A Virgin

Madonna made bridal wear chic – and sexualised – in 1985, when she donned white lace, rosary beads and gloves for her Like A Virgin music video and performances; an outfit now considered to be one of her most iconic looks. The ‘wedding dress’ went on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times’ Square in 2011 and has spurred endless copycat Halloween costumes in the decades since.

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