Saint Laurent’s Art Series SELF 07 Takes Over Six Cities

Saint Laurent's SELF 07 explores the power of self-expression and human connection.

© Alex Webb, Magnum Photos for Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

For their latest installment of SELF, Saint Laurent enlisted six photographers to create exclusive artworks for the brand. In this stunning visual series that blends art and fashion into a singular message, photographers Harry Gruyaert, Olivia Arthur, Alex Webb, Takashi Homma, Daesung Lee and photography duo, Birdhead, present a mesmerising tale of harmony and relationship. The artistic project was taken across six cities: Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul, with the aim "to intangibly connect the world".

To celebrate the launch of SELF 07, the artworks were also exhibited across the six different cities.

Scroll below and immerse yourself in the wonderful imagery of SELF 07.

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Birdhead | SHANGHAI

© Birdhead, Magnum Photos guest photographer for Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

The overall contour lines up the cityscape, clothing, and body with natural elements like clouds, trees, and stones. This outline combined with the structure of different light and shade blocks, creates a smooth and free sense of integration, just like the gesture of the cursive script in Chinese calligraphy.

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