Meet Virginie Viard, Karl Lagerfeld’s Successor at Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld held a prolific tenure at the helm of Chanel from 1983 to his final days in 2019. Who could possibly follow in the revolutionary designer's footsteps? The French fashion house announced today that Virginie Viard, Lagerfeld's right-hand, will take over the creative operations for the brand following the designer's passing "so that the legacy of Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld can live on."

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Here's what you need to know about the new designer leading Chanel.

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They were so close, sometimes he’d text her as his cat, Choupette.

Viard divulged to W magazine that Lagerfeld would text her in his beloved cat Choupette’s voice, sometimes accompanying the messages with a photo of his pet. “He signs them, Your Choupette,” she said. “He might not like that I’m saying this.”

Whether or not he minded the revelation of his playful texting habits, Lagerfeld and Viard’s friendship is undeniable. “She is my right rector Virginie Viard, hand and my left hand,” the late designer told ELLE for its November 2018 issue. “Our relationship is essential, doubled by a very real friendship and affection.”

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