Messika To Compose A Collision Between Fashion

Starring Kendall Jenner.

Valérie Messika always infused a love of fashion into her eponymous brand creations – Messika’s Diamond Jewels

Last October, Messika teamed up with legendary supermodel Kate Moss to debut their first fashion-jewelry event, graining a new chapter in the fashion era. A variety of lifelike fine jewellery in heart-stopping artistic forms showering in the dazzling venue transformed from the historical Ritz Hotel.

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The minimal fashion on models shone over with Messika’s jewellery while reflecting distinct charms with each style. Its fashion attribute shall be an exclusive label in paying tribute to the Alpha women who represent elegance and strength. Call it captivating and nuanced, the performance exudes unrestrained personal charisma achieving a balance that seemed ennobled by grief and determination.


“I wanted to illustrate a subtle alliance between grace and strength and capture an image of an alpha woman with a mysterious and hypnotic aura; Kendall perfectly embodied that for me.” – Valérie Messika

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The season, Kendall Jenner was honoured to be fronted in Messika’s latest campaign with distinct pleasure. Under the lens of photographer Chris Colls, the vast sea and sky meet, seemingly one with the infinite scenery of nature. The merging of an icon with the sea gives off unparalleled vitality-light in every frame while declaring freedom.


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 An important finishing touch to style. 

Kendall x MESSIKA Campaign 2022

Dear, You’ll love to be comfortable and energetic and always be radiant in showing uniqueness. With attitude, meaning timeless, stunning cool, Messika is defined by its signature MoveGlam’ AzoneMy Twin series – all pieces manifesting power, graceful & determination.

Not just a glamorous piece of jewellery – femininity makes Messika unique. With her distinctive pieces, Valérie Messika encourages women to pursue their sparkling selves with courage and freedom, using classic-modern in illustrating the balance between strength and the glamour of contemporary women. 

Delicate and exquisite connect fully dexterity

Fashionable diamonds always meet beautiful moments as a fulfilling companion in daily lives, and the jewellery house becomes a choice to match the street. Throughout the decade, Valérie Messika has been unleashing her creativity in diamonds deriving from her childhood and unrestricted inspiration.

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A diamond portrays a woman’s multi-faceted life. Giving a glimpse of the three classic collections, they speak of the inextricable link between fashion, women, and jewellery from different perspectives. 

Move Collection has become a signature since its creation in 2007. 

On the other hand, the continuity of the Lucky Move Collection injects a modern tone. Delicately shaped like medallions, it transforms them into precious amulets with visual highlights adding a blessed symbolism.

MY TWIN Collection – the pear-shaped diamonds and the dreamy emerald-cut diamonds are combined to create the most contemporary and timeless chapter of Toi & Moi. Between opposites and dependencies, the sensual and dazzling cut diamonds are each in a different light.

The GLAM’AZONE Collection adds a touch of competence, where strength, feminine beauty and fashion mystery collide. The jewellery collection, with the Amazonian arrow and bowstring as a reference, is topped by a slender straight line dotted with an oval-cut diamond and surrounded by small diamonds, shaped like a shield symbolizing strength and vitality.

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The pavé diamond double-cut ring from the collection was seen worn by Kendall for an everyday aesthetic, which has a unique detachable chain that allows it to be worn versatile.


Channelling through the collections, Valérie Messika has always used different forms to being your most authentic self, gracing any time without constraints. Messika better interprets femininity as sharing a common ambition – to exude confidence and feel free, to say the least.

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Source: Valérie Messika