8 Games To Play On Your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Mobile gamers rejoice because the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is possibly one of the best devices for mobile gaming. With its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor coupled with a 7.6-inch OLED display panel and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, you have uncompromised and unparalleled viewing capabilities. Mobile gaming on the Galaxy Z Fold4 is a seamless, power-packed experience.

With this latest foldable offering from Samsung, you’d definitely want the best games installed. Scroll down and start shopping for some of the best Android games that have been optimised for the Galaxy Z Fold4!


Of course, we’d have the world’s most popular multiplayer online game to date! Face-off with 100 players from around the world as you loot and shoot your way to be the last one standing.

Download Fortnite for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

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Call Of Duty: Mobile

If you have plenty of time to kill, Call Of Duty: Mobile is the perfect game to do it with. Similar to Fortnite, this multiplayer online game requires you to engage in a battle royale with a multitude of players for the ultimate win.

Download Call Of Duty: Mobile for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

Temple Run 2

You are an explorer—not unlike Indiana Jones— and you have to run through ancient temple ruins to get away from an army of monsters who are trying to get you. As the game progresses, you run faster and the dips, turns, leaps, and ducks come at you even quicker, keeping you on edge. If anything, it’s an exhilarating way to sharpen your reflexes for sure.

Download Temple Run 2 for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

The game’s customisation options allow you to create your own assassin who will then go on to complete several missions in order to win. This RPG game’s stunning graphics are brought to life on the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Download Assassin’s Creed Rebellion for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

Dead Trigger 2

You are fighting the walking dead in this first-person shooter game. With over 600 gameplay scenarios and global missions, choose from over 50 weapons to battle the zombies in a bid to save the world.

Download Dead Trigger 2 for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

Rayman Adventures

Help Rayman travel the world to rescue the Ancient Eggs to keep the Sacred Tree alive. This exciting adventure game and its incredible graphics are brought to life with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4’s Snapgradon 8+ Gen 1 processor.

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Download Rayman Adventures for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

The Room: Old Sins

Solve challenging puzzles in this captivating story to uncover the many mysteries of Waldegrave Manor. This stunning game is slightly creepy—perfect for lovers of mystery and thriller flicks and requires some serious detective work to win.

Download The Room: Old Sins for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

Need For Speed No Limits

This legendary car racing game is now available for Android but the gameplay is best on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Customise your ride and take to the streets to compete in races, win challenges and complete missions to be the ultimate street racing champion!

Download Need For Speed for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.