12 Problems Only People with Great Taste Will Understand


Image: Everett Collection

#1. You walk into any store—low- or high-end—and your favorite item is always the most expensive one. Who knew that little brass tray would ring up as more than certain pieces of furniture?

#2. You’ve had to stop watching makeover shows on TV because your stress level gets too high. All that loud sighing muttering “Oh I could do so much better” can take a toll.

#3. You only create secret boards on Pinterest—otherwise all your friends wind up with the exact. same. accessories. Sure it’s flattering, but you’d rather not have identical bookshelves.

#4. You’ve never gotten your security deposit back. And you know your past landlords have hiked up the rent based on your improvements.

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#5. You’ve wondered if your friends like you, or just the amazing things you’ve helped pick out for them. So often, those coffee dates turn into “want to pop over and check out that shop? I’m in the market for xyz…

#6. Even your cat can be judgemental about fabrics. It’s not your imagination, she actually purrs louder when perched on cashmere.

#7. You have so many coffee table books, there’s no longer room for actual coffee on your table. Time to edit it down? Or time to get a bigger coffee table?

#8. You’re often delayed when leaving the house because you have to do a quick touch-up to the pillows. Whether you’re team karate-chop or team fluffing, you’ve got to make sure your pillows are perfectly propped for when you arrive back home.

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#9. You have more shelfies than selfies on your Instagram. And yes, each one of them took a solid amount of time to style to get just right.

#10. You can’t visit certain family members at home because of an overwhelming desire to move their sofa to the opposite wall. And you don’t want to start that fight again.

#11. When you say “Thank you, you shouldn’t have!” you mean it. Really. They should not have. This gift is going straight to the Goodwill.

#12. Your calendar is filled with dinner parties…and you suspect you’re only on the invite list because of your reputation for hostess gifts. Did your cousin’s ex-girlfriend really want you at her birthday party or does she just remember the vase you gave them at their housewarming?

From: ELLE Decor