Three Art Exhibitions to Catch in Kuala Lumpur this August

1. 3

Sean Lean’s latest exhibition, ‘3’

BAZAAR Art 2017 cover artist, Sean Lean‘s latest solo exhibition, ‘3’ comments on the present political atmosphere, questions the institution of marriage, and addresses the topic of religious sensitivity.

Bang Bang, 2018, Sean Lean

He uses triptychs as the technical mode of presentation and in every third panel, heavy text is used as a connection to intensify, harmonise, or challenge the line of thought in the previous two panels, creating a flow of conversation visually and conceptually.

‘3’ will be showing until August 5 at Wei-Ling Contemporary. RT-1, 6th Floor, The Gardens Mall. Tel: 03-2282 8323.


2. Against The Day

The Disasters of War, After Goya, 1994, Nirmala Dutt

Inspired by Thomas Pynchon’s postmodern novel, this exhibition, ‘Against the Day’, poses the question, ‘how do we write a metahistorical romance for a renewed Malaysia?’

Dancing on the Lake, 2017, Chong Siew Ying

Presenting a different view on the changing, post-election artistic and social landscapes, Malaysian artists such as Jalaini Abu Hassan and Chong Siew Ying, are using their fluid sketches as a statement of spontaneity and a rich narrative to shape a new reality.

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‘Against The Day’ will be showing from August 2 to August 25 at Our ArtProjects, The Zhongshan Building, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 016-660 2585.


3. Dancing with Shadows

Piazza San Marco, Chin Kong Yee

Chin Kong Yee revisits the Piazza San Marco after 12 years and finds himself ‘dancing with shadows’, naming his latest exhibition after the surreal experience.

Dancing with Shadows, Chin Kong Yee

His oil paintings, fluid and interchangeable, are executed with his personal style of “actuality accorded painting”, transporting his viewers back into a distorted, shadowy realm that blends the past and present.

‘Dancing with Shadows’ will be showing from August 9 to September 2 at Wei-Ling Contemporary. RT-1, 6th Floor, The Gardens Mall. Tel: 03-2282 8323.