8 Greatest Movies To Watch While You’re Self-Isolating

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Art reflects life. Movies are more than just a window; it is a magnifying glass that mirrors the endless fragments that are suggested by the perpetuating universe. Exploring indefinite wonders of cosmos and humanity, films are an art form that transcends culture, time, and language.

While the virus outbreak keeps swathes of us home, BAZAAR rounded up a guide to the greatest movies and a documentary that take you through an erratic speed, all while burrowing the boundless capacity of the deeper human consciousness. Here, it is more than simple escapism.

1. Quills (2000)

“Reading’s my salvation. It’s a hard day’s wages, slaving away for madmen. What I’ve seen in life, it takes a lot to hold my interest. I put myself in his stories. I play the parts. Each strumpet, each murderess. If I wasn’t such a bad woman on the page, I’ll hazard I couldn’t be such a good woman in life.” – Marquis de Sade

With bedroom eyes and the mischievous smirk of an insatiable roué, this is a story of a writer, Marquis de Sade, who was born hard-wired as one of the most villainous creatures of humankind; one who remains defensive against repression and hypocrisy until the day he dies. Deprived of quill and ink, he writes to descent into madness and tenacity courage. De Sade has made his mark, when the word “sadism” is named after him.

Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

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