BAZAAR at Work: Rule of the Corporate Thumb

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BAZAAR Web Editor’s morning ritual

#1. Knowledge is wealth. They can wrong you for typos or being 3 minutes late, but you can beat them back with intelligence. Go into every pitch and proposal armed with predetermined statements to deter your plan.Times are bad” one would say, challenge your oponent, “How so?”

#2. Get inspired. List everything that makes you happy – then make this visual. Print it, colour it, draw it. Look at it, everyday. Change it on a rotational basis. Keep the body, mind and soul fresh.

#3. Observe Personalities. The best way to learn to love your job is to watch someone who loves it even more. On the other hand, embrace the ugliness of others – where there is good, there is bad. Learn the difference.

#4. Create Your Own Legacy. It is unlikely that we love what we do whole-heartedly, all day, seven days a week. No one can dictate what you say, what you do and how you do it. Start a signature habit that piques ears and eyes. In a uniformed environment of the office, utilitarian behavior is common – throw caution into the wind. Have an opinion, wear that statement dress everyone hates, say good morning unusually loud – we live in a world where game changers are the only thriving breed. You rest and you will rust.

#5. It Doesn’t Hurt to Be Kind. Always be a responsible human being irregardless of unethical surroundings, good karma follows. Do what is right, even if they tell you otherwise. With that being said, on the other end of the spectrum – tough love is tough love, when applicable, learn the art to be ‘cruel to be kind’

#6. Identify Your Strength. Know what you are good at, admit what you lack at. Be good at one skill, hone it and you will never be forgotten or disposed. Albeit living in a world of multi-skilled, omnichannelled professional spheres, we all need a USP. Product, service or human. Find it, pride it and put a price tag to it.

A few things to remember when crawling across the corporate roadmap..

  • If you don’t ask the answer will always be no.
  • kill them with a smile, then bury them with success..
  • Always have that pocket ace, professional politics is a game.
  • if you no longer enjoy what you do, then go, but always leave with a bang.

You are a gladiator in a suit.