The 17 Best Summer Reads Of 2019


The weather's getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the #bookstagram competition is fiercer than ever. Enter this summer’s new releases. Whether you’re into linguistics, historical fiction, or family sagas that span countries, there’s a title that’s tailor-made for your beach bag. And for the social media-minded among us, don’t worry; from riotously colorful to minimalist-chic, there’s a cover to match every outfit.

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Coventry: Essays

Elegant and elegiac, Rachel Cusk’s new book—while nominally a collection of essays—defies categorization. In writings that tackle everything from Françoise Sagan to the intricacies of family life, Cusk glides effortlessly between the realms of memoir, literary criticism, and cultural commentary. The result: a must-read critical compendium for the modern age.

Available August 20.

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