BAZAAR Hot List: Where To Dine This Month

Start the year with bright, new ideas. Your first point of inspiration? The coolest restaurants and bars in Kuala Lumpur to rejuvenate your palette and outlook.

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1. OpenHouse, Suria KLCC

A modern setting devoted to the enjoyment of local food

WHAT A showcase of diverse Malaysian cuisine and a celebration of local food in a contemporary setting. “It starts with the question of, ‘How can we take a traditional grandmother’s recipe and give it a Generation Y and Z treatment?’ OpenHouse is a story of Malaysia and an homage to our colonial past, but with tongue-in-cheek references,” co-founder Andrew Wong says.

WHY EAT HERE The OpenHouse menu captures the warm, inviting spirit of its namesake, and points to all facets of a Malaysian’s roots. Go on an edible Malaysian journey with pais fish wrapped in lerek leaves, octopus petai, and variations of sambal that include kulat kukur–made with wild jungle mushrooms– and isirong aka palm kernels.

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DETAILS IN THE FABRIC One hundred and seventy four different fabrics of chinoiserie, brocade, ikat, and tenun were selected for the distinctive sections called Baba Nyonya, Plantation, and Spice. A typical custom-made chair here is made of at least six to seven fabrics.

DRINK UP Sean Choong from Omakase+Appreciate was tasked to recreate classical Malaysian flavours in wonderful cocktails. Kupu Ungu is a basic martini with a Malaysian uplift, with a vibrant purple hue from butterfly pea flower and finished off with a kaffir lime scent.

Rich tapestries at Open House, inspired by the Malaysian spice trade

OpenHouse G48, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +603 2162 0888

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