Fantastic Renditions Of Gin And Where To Find Them In Kuala Lumpur

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BAZAAR shortlists exotic renditions of gin, and where to find these fashionable spirits in Malaysia.



The power trio of gins from Eiling Lim 

Nasty Nangka, Pandan Predator, and Gawky Galangal—all artisan gins by independent whisky bottler Eiling Lim infused with Malaysian flavours for distinctive aromas. Produced by De Cort Distillery in Belgium, the jackfruit-based Nasty Nangka leaves a sweet lingering taste on the palate, whereas Gawky Galangal packs a flavourful punch of citrus. The quirky monster characters on the bottle are courtesy of creative spirit Tintoy Chuo, co-founder of Fusion Wayang Kulit, who was inspired by the looks of Malaysia’s herbs and fruits.

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