Find Out Your Luck This Year With Chinese Zodiacs

Master of classical feng shui, Chinese astrology, and Chinese metaphysics, Dato’ Joey Yap dishes out Chinese zodiac highlights.

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Up, up, and away. The Rooster comes out strong this year, as your urge to expand your horizons and build new pathways takes over. There are excellent stars on the horizon for those with scholastic aspirations, and those who wish to conquer the world of creative arts such as music and writing. Your career cards might take a hit this year due to the presence of inauspicious stars in your sector. Your bosses will push you to your boundaries, coupled with high expectations that might leave you frazzled, but do listen to your body and take time off when needed. In the romance department, staying single is not a bad idea. It is a chance of growing into a better version of yourself that others can love and appreciate. Your go-getter personality will see you casting your own chances, and placing yourself in the right place at the right time will also give you that cosmic encounter. Your curious soul is dreaming of going to new places, but consider taking it down a notch this year. Avoid extreme and dangerous activities such as hiking and diving. Go easy on the body with options that will still benefit your well-being. Consider yoga, cycling, or walking.

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