Getting To Know … Cigarettes After Sex

Greg Gonzalez of Cigarettes After Sex

Ahead of Neon Lights 2018, where Cigarettes After Sex will have its second show in Singapore after a sold-out performance at the Capitol Theatre in August last year, the American ambient pop band speaks to BAZAAR about the power of literal lyricism and music as a personal narrative.

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Drawing from personal memories is a significant trope for Gonzalez, and he cites musicians such as Miles Davis, Julee Cruise, and Cocteau Twins as influences. However, for Gonzalez, it’s due to how their songs have made him feel than how they sound musically.

“Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue is such a big influence on the band because it’s more of a spiritual thing than the way the music is approached, and what his music meant to me growing up. Kind Of Blue was something that I could put on when I was having a really tough time emotionally, and it would always be comforting,” Gonzalez reminisces. “So some of our fans tell us they’d put on our music now, and it’s kind of the same way, to be comforted during tough times.”

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