Go Back In Time With Nespresso’s Limited Edition Coffee Capsules


From animal-shaped latte art adorably poured into a cup to clean scandi-inspired minimal interiors, the worth of a cafe in today’s coffee-drinking culture is encapsulated in its ability to do well on the ‘gram. Or for some of us, our coffee hit comes in the form of rushed gulps after we spend the morning standing in line at a Starbucks. In either instance, our relationship with coffee and the coffee house has changed.

How about a change of pace? Why not step back in time and enjoy coffee the way it used to be?

Nespresso introduces two limited edition coffees, inspired by the world’s very first coffee houses: Café Istanbul and Caffé Venezia. These two capsules will transport you into the bustling and dynamic ambiance of the past, reviving the idea of coffee as a natural elixir to ideas and creativity.

Collaborator Young Rascal, whose illustrations are featured on the packaging, explains, “I was really inspired by the idea of taking a typical coffee lover from today, complete with headphones and placing them into a scene from the past.” And that’s exactly what these capsules do.

Café Istanbul is set to energise the coffee connoisseur with its intense, black notes. Istanbul’s original coffee houses provided a space for people to exchange theories and stories due to the absence of a printing press. The coffee houses in Venice, an arts and music hub, were the homes to the tastemakers. Caffé Venezia’s delicate and elegant notes is your fuel for inspiration in a single cup.

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Cafe Istanbul. Intensity: 10
Serving size: 25ml / 40ml

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