In Conversation With The Cast of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Buckle up, Bridgerton fans. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is here.

With just mere days away (May 4) from the release of Netflix’s highly-anticipated series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, we were grateful to speak to Golda Rosheuvel, India Amarteifio, Arsema Thomas and Corey Mylchreest in this exclusive interview.

The Queen may be known for her extravagant parties and the ton, but a particular tale lingers in our mind. What’s her story with King George?

Our thoughts will finally be put to rest as we uncover the secrets behind her courtship with King George. Played by India Amarteifio, Queen Charlotte dives deep into the young Queen’s marriage. But most importantly, how she settles into her position of power.

However, there are two notable characters that are worth praising other than India Amarteifo: Arsema Thomas, who plays young Lady Agatha Danbury, and Corey Mylchreest, as young King George. Here, we will see the Queen embark on a life-changing journey as she tackles the struggles of finding balance with the King, sisterhood and love. In this series, viewers will see a humble shift between the past and present timelines featuring Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte), Ruth Gemmell (Lady Violet Bridgerton) and Adjoa Andoh (Lady Agatha Danbury).

As we count down to its release on Netflix, check out our interview with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’s very own Golda Rosheuvel, India Amarteifio, Arsema Thomas and Corey Mylchreest.

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Introducing the cast of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story:

What do you love about working on a series like Queen Charlotte?

Corey: The brilliant characters and superb writing.

We got to play brilliant characters, and in terms of the scope of the character, we got to explore everything on the human spectrum. It’s a privilege, but I’d have to say the best thing about working on a series like this are the people. From the crew to the cast, there was so much passion, love, and friendship among everyone.

We see Queen Charlotte embrace her role as a mother, which we did not see much in Bridgerton. What was it like filming and embracing this different side of Queen Charlotte?

Golda: That was great for me because, in Bridgerton, I always made sure that in every scene, I think of George. I had one moment where I think of George and family and what that means.

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In Bridgerton, it’s always in the background of my thoughts because we never see them, and we see George very briefly. The fact that we got to have 13 actors physically in front of me and put faces to the imagination was indescribable. It was a unique experience, and seeing her complex relationships with the kids made her human. Queen Charlotte is a very intimate look at this character and the Bridgerton world.

Bridgerton is all about the glitz and glamour, but Queen Charlotte is tiny and intimate. It’s very delicate in its darkness yet still under the same banner. I found that really fascinating and thrilling to have 13 children in front of me.

Netflix queen charlotte interview

India Amarteifio as Young Queen Charlotte, Corey Mylchreest as Young King George | Image credit: Nick Wall/Netflix

What was the process of getting the role of Lady Danbury?

Arsema: The process was fast and very furious. I got the audition, and at the time, we did not know what it was for. I didn’t think anything would happen. When I did my self-tape, the scene had been from season one of Bridgerton from one of Penelope Featherington’s lines. I tried my best to be me and hope it was enough – and they liked it. I kept hearing back from them until February 2022 and went in for a chemistry read with India, and Corey came towards the end. It still feels like a dream.

This season, the show highlights various topics on womanhood, racial discrimination, etc. How does it feel playing and representing a strong character like Lady Danbury?

Arsema: It feels extremely validating. Lady Danbury is so similar to many women in my life who I feel never had the chance to be shown in such a light. I think this woman is in a lot of our lives where she tends to be in the background, and so there is something so refreshing and revolutionary about moving her to the spotlight, and giving her the world she deserves.

It was also very personal and moving to pursue what I wanted in acting so that I could expose the inequality of the stories that we tell so that no girl could feel how I felt growing up watching tv, assuming that because i’m not depicted that my story doesn’t matter. It feels like you’re doing something not only for yourself or the audience but for the conversations we’re having on a much larger scale.

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What were the challenges of playing Lady Danbury?

Arsema: My struggle with playing this character is that I’ve never been put in a situation like her by not having the freedom to say my mind. Therefore, to be a woman in that situation and not be angry by not wanting to fight back but to be able to hone all of that emotion and have such control was such a struggle for me.

Netflix queen charlotte interview

Arsema Thomas as Young Agatha Danbury | Image Credit: Nick Wall/Netflix

What makes Bridgerton so unique are the beautiful sets and costumes. Did you have a favourite location when you were on set?

Corey and India: Blenheim Palace!

India: It was the first location we shot at. It also held a lot of important scenes that you will get to see later in the series. The whole place was so exquisite, decadent and indulgent. It felt like it had been made for us. The sets, scenery and costumes were on another level. I think that’s partly why Bridgerton is so well-loved – a treat for the eyes.

Every detail is well thought out, down to the material and shade of different colours. Everything is considered to help the storyline, to give a visual representation of how the character feels. We were fortunate to have a great creative team.

Did Golda give you any advice?

India: She was very kind in giving her time to me by being available and ready if I had any questions. However, I was told by our director and Golda to make this character my own, which is a real gift. Queen Charlotte is such a pivotal figure in Bridgerton. I thought I had to do a lot more to emulate her performance. They were evident they did not want that, which was a real treat because I got to create my own character. Of course, there were parts in the script where I gave a nod to future Charlotte.

In this series, we see the beautiful friendship between Lady Agatha Danbury and Queen Charlotte. What was it like working with India and thinking that you’ve both made it in such an iconic series?

Arsema: It’s so funny because we had this moment the first time we met. We were walking into the chemistry read, and we both clocked immediately who was playing who. On top of that, we were wearing the same outfit, all the way to the shoes we were wearing. There was a disarming aspect to that, and then there was a dynamic we both understood. When you are a black woman, this knowledge of sisterhood happens innately when you are in rooms you usually don’t find each other in.

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Mind you; we are also sisters to other people, so there is that actuality of sisterhood that made the whole experience organic, natural, and effortless. So every time we saw each other on set, we would grab a coffee and hit each other’s trailers. It was truly effortless and out of this world.

Netflix queen charlotte interview

Hugh Sachs as Brimsley, Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte | Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Queen Charlotte is a beautiful yet tragic love story, and it will be difficult to watch Bridgerton in the future without having to change the perception of your character. What kind of changing perception would you like for people to see?

Golda: The journey is one of the most fascinating to see. It’s the fact that the character dives deep into this love story between George and Charlotte. It connects us to that journey that took us to where we are and what we see in Bridgerton.

How did this particular story bring up your interest?

Golda: I think it’s interesting to dive deep into the character we know and love. The fact that we are able to see and take moments of history. Therefore, adapt those moments into a modern sensibility through period dramas and to have an essence of a modern character. I know she’s a queen from the 18th century, but there’s something relatively modern about Charlotte, her relationships and love for the King and her children. I was fascinated to read the script and discover a more profound journey of Charlotte.

What can the younger generation learn from Queen Charlotte?

Golda: She’s a great leader, and I think she is a great one for her unapologetic attitude. The fact that she’s sure of herself and knows who she is. Seeing that confidence at 17 years old is what we want to put into the world for young people to take to explore for themselves.

Lastly, are you ready for the world to see Queen Charlotte?

Golda: (laughs) Yes and no! I hope the world will love it as much as they do with Bridgerton. I have a feeling that they will, so we’ll see. May the Gods be with us!

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will stream on Netflix from May 4.