What Your Love and Luck Will Be Like In 2018, According To Your Chinese Zodiac

Take charge of your destiny and make the Year of the Earth Dog a year to remember with Chinese zodiac highlights from Dato’ Joey Yap, master of classical feng shui, Chinese astrology, and other Chinese metaphysics. Illustrations by Tiffany Choong.

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2018 is forecasted to be a good time for the Rooster to recharge, reexamine, and improve your lifestyle. You might stumble upon small blocks in life such as anxiety at work or feelings of isolation and loneliness, but you shouldn’t let these problems overwhelm you. Take the challenge head on and think ahead, and be patient while working towards big harvests. There is a lot to gain as long as you pace yourself. There is a chance you might face significant losses, but a steady income from side projects will help weather you through. Career-wise, hold off on planning new projects and place your focus on your current tasks. In love, all eyes are on you. Fabulous times ahead for all, regardless of whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married. However, you should be vigilant when it comes to your body. Fatigue and unforeseen illnesses could plague your current year.

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Star trait: Outspoken, comical, and frank.

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