What Your Love and Luck Will Be Like In 2018, According To Your Chinese Zodiac

Take charge of your destiny and make the Year of the Earth Dog a year to remember with Chinese zodiac highlights from Dato’ Joey Yap, master of classical feng shui, Chinese astrology, and other Chinese metaphysics. Illustrations by Tiffany Choong.

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A rough and challenging year awaits but confidence, determination, and mental strength is key to emerging as a winner. Those in academic-related fields have good chances of achieving breakthroughs. However, there might be monetary loss in the latter half of the year, so you might want to practice self-control when it comes to material temptations. In your career, your path ahead might be tumultuous with tight deadlines and difficult superiors, but your diligence makes up for it. You have small successes along the way, so be sure to live in the moment and celebrate them as they come. In love, there are those who will toy with your feelings so it’s best adjust your romantic expectations. This year, you will also have the Illness Star in your sector, so you might want to avoid extreme sports and watch out for work hazards.

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Star trait: Active, curious, and mischievous.

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