What Your Love and Luck Will Be Like In 2018, According To Your Chinese Zodiac

Take charge of your destiny and make the Year of the Earth Dog a year to remember with Chinese zodiac highlights from Dato’ Joey Yap, master of classical feng shui, Chinese astrology, and other Chinese metaphysics. Illustrations by Tiffany Choong.

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This year, the Goat itches to strive for the top in search of greater stability. You may feel insecure about your financial standing, so avoid dwelling in your thoughts. Rather, motivate yourself to climb the career ladder, as this is the year where your diligence and persistence would most likely be rewarded. Change is on the horizon, but the road ahead isn’t without trials and challenges. Lucky for you, Auspicious Stars are present and your attempts will catch the eye of mentors. Minor disputes are bound to happen with family and friends, but
you should not lose your cool. They are great sources of strength, especially in times of need. For females in the dating game,
it may be a bumpy year when it comes to love. Seek satisfaction in other aspects of your life instead, like mindfulness
and self-enrichment.

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Star trait: Sympathetic, kind, and righteous.

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