Advocacy and Ambition: ‘The MANJS Giving Voice to Underprivileged Students’ Cause

Founder of ‘The MANJS Giving Voice to Underprivileged Students’ (GVUPS), Blessing A. Mlanga, an international student from Tanzania studying in Malaysia is an advocate of her country and culture. A goodwill ambassador and citizen of the world that works in cohesion with several charity arms across Malaysia, she collaborates with local charity group in Kuala Lumpur, ‘Lend A Hand’ as well as the Africa Amini Alama NGO in Tanzania.

On the 25th of June, Blessing single-handedly hosted an exclusive dinner event in an ambitious bid to raise funds for the support of the underprivileged children with the end objective of raising funds for 50 desk tables and air conditioning for ‘Lend A Hand’ as well as 20 school uniforms and school kits for the children of Africa Amini Alama in Tanzania.

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Images Courtesy of Blessing Heinrich

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Images Courtesy of Blessing Heinrich

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Blessing in her element with the children of Malaysia | Images Courtesy of Blessing Heinrich

A gathering of both local and international givers with the aspiration to secure the basic educational needs of hundreds of children, to encourage and highlight the importance of giving and helping one another. Much of Blessing’s efforts are to attributed to kind sponsors such as Ethopian Airlines, coined as the new spirit of Africa and societies and individuals across the local landscape.


Charity initiative ‘Giving is Fun’ is powered by Ethiopian Airlines

To contribute to the charitable cause above, kindly email, [email protected] or [email protected], Tel: +6011 1507 3622