The New Year Revolution


It’s about time we fire up a Revolution to quell all Resolutions.  Let 2018 be a pledge of commitments to challenge the norms, such as blatantly drinking alcohol, do not exercise, have a cheat day every day, procrastinate defiantly and be openly lazy.  If you wish to join the coup d'état, here are the win-win strategies:

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Do not shower

Well, only do so when you run out of deodorant or you have a hot date. Dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch said, “Showers disrupt natural processes that occur on your skin and in your hair and nails. They also waste clean water, which so many people in the world lack access to”.  That makes you, unequivocally, qualify as a conservationist. How noble is that? If anyone is so rude as to enquire regarding a whiff of your BO; say you are concocting a new scent called IDS (I don’t shower).

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