The New Year Revolution


It’s about time we fire up a Revolution to quell all Resolutions.  Let 2018 be a pledge of commitments to challenge the norms, such as blatantly drinking alcohol, do not exercise, have a cheat day every day, procrastinate defiantly and be openly lazy.  If you wish to join the coup d'état, here are the win-win strategies:

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Exercise less

As millions of Instagram pictures testify, close up perspiration is never a good look! Besides, prevalent of sex perverts lurking around every park corner should be a good enough deterrent to venture out.  If exercise is that much fun, why aren’t joggers smiling? I am sure you are probably already exercising more than you realise. Teetering around all day in stilettos count as aerobics; and rushing to the shop (just in case they sold-out) for that slice of salted caramel cheesecake qualifies as a good workout.  With all the super mega malls, just walking from the car park to the shops easily burns up 500 calories. Yes, you have surely exercise more than enough so enjoy that well earned beer! 

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