Connecting Experiences With Poltrona Frau

The Poltrona Frau Via Manzoni showroom, showcasing a range of pieces from the past to the present

Poltrona Frau was founded over a century ago in Turin and since then has established itself both as a status symbol and the leading purveyors of luxury leather furniture. Beginning its journey as the appointed supplier of the Italian Royal Family, the Savoia dynasty, from 1926 onwards thus having unique pieces from Poltrona Frau in your own home means joining a legacy of beautifully-designed homes around the world.

Situated in a historic Palazzo

Continuing on its rich history into present day, Poltrona Frau comes alive through the theme of “Connecting Experiences”, the vein in which the Poltrona Frau collection was crafted around for the 2019 Salone del Mobile. Architect Michele de Lucchi transforms the iconic showroom (which itself is located in a historical building with its original alfresco still intact) into a creative destination where visitors can engage in a dialogue between the elements of a public space with those who immerse themselves within it.

The installation plays with perspectives

De Lucchi creates the Poltrona Frau Stand: a central patio sits with a lattice roof, created from wooden strips that conjure the image of the treillage of Italian-style gardens. The expanded proportion of the space, along with the central courtyard, plays with perspectives while the high ceilings tie together the look and feel of Renaissance villas. Luxury and an old beauty are brought together through the furniture displayed within the space.

Engage in dialogue at the installation

A space where you can get together to exchange ideas

The true wonder of the space can be seen when the proportions and perspectives create an image that takes us beyond the realm of every day,” muses de Lucchi.

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