#TheList: Contemporary Decor Tips For An Added Edge To Your Home

Courtesy of 1stdibs

Like their fashion counterparts, interior designers have moved to mixing design elements from various price points and from different periods. Gone are the days when you’d furnish an entire room in one style or from one designer or store. The most beautiful spaces mix vintage with contemporary and feature one or two conversation pieces that you just had to have, even though it may not really “fit.” By conventional standards, true style comes from the unique story behind the assemblage of pieces and from buying what you love. Right now, we are loving contemporary designers and how much the category has evolved over the last few years. At 1stdibs, you can find the best pieces from the best designers in everything from console tables and mirrors, to rugs and couches.

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1. All Furniture Is Not Created Equal

Construction matters and 1stdibs vets every seller to make sure the objects they offer are not just beautiful, but also well made.

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