These Ultra Cool Spaces Around The World That Are #AestheticGoals

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Checklist for design lovers at Hakone

Joan Miró’s Personnage captures the eye from far

A human-like figure that highlights Miró’s attraction to objects in various shapes, Personnage explores the Spanish sculptor’s impressions and interpretations of poetry.

Art for fun, Knitted Wonder Space 2, Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam

This massive piece took 650kg of braided nylon and more than a year of crocheting before it came together as an expansive structure. Textile artist Horiuchi MacAdam was inspired by the bold aesthetic of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí to create a net meant to resemble the cradle of a womb.

A wooden pavilion slash interactive space, Woods of Net, Tezuka Architects

Built using more than 500 different kinds of wood, this pavilion used the stacking design features of Japanese temples as inspiration. The smell of fresh wood makes it an olfactory experience as well.

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