YUGYEOM releases first full-length album, TRUST ME

YUGYEOM of GOT7 releases TRUST ME, marking the debut of his first full-length album. 

Photo by AOMG

Trust YUGYEOM to consistently deliver great work. Now under AOMG, the singer-dancer released TRUST ME on 21 February 2024, captivating fans once again. Recently, the South Korean artist made his way to Malaysia for a store opening at The Exchange TRX, Kuala Lumpur. In our exclusive interview, YUGYEOM promised that TRUST ME would unpack stories dedicated to his fans, inspiring self-belief and resilience.


As we expected, he did not disappoint. The album features 14 light-hearted tracks, including 2 title tracks, with collaborations from producers GRAY, Chancellor, noisemasterminsu, and DJ Wegun.


Photo by AOMG


In this album, YUGYEOM truly showcases his spectrum as an artist. He has spent the past four years establishing himself as a successful solo artist. His previous works, including singles like “Take You Down”, with over 5.8M streams on Spotify alone, and singles like “Ponytail” and “LOLO,” made a significant impression during his solo European and Asian tours.

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Accompanying the album is the “1 MINUTE” music video, showcasing Yugyeom’s unique colours. Unsurprisingly, TRUST ME quickly soared to the number one spot worldwide on the iTunes song charts by 27 February.

For fans of easy-listening songs with sweet melodies and impressive vocals, TRUST ME is a must-add to your playlist. Remember to listen to the tracks in order; as YUGYEOM emphasises, “A major focus while producing this album was ensuring a smooth flow of the 14 tracks. So I recommend listening to the whole album in order, from the first to the last track.”