Empower Your Loved One With The Gift Of A DNA Test

If you’re on the lookout for a gift that’s completely out of the box, here’s an idea: a comprehensive DNA test. One designed to give you assurance and confidence to plan for your health and well-being as you take on the promise of the coming new year.


DNA test is having its moment. More and more people are interested in uncovering their ancestry and tracing their genealogy through a DNA test. But there are other types of DNA tests too. CircleDNA, for instance, is more concerned about screening for your health, to help you understand your well-being better by analysing what your genes have to say about you.

You’ve probably seen the videos of CircleDNA on YouTube or social media, and it might have even piqued your interest. So here’s the lowdown on what the product is about. And why it makes for a meaningful present this gifting season.

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For one thing, Circle DNA is said to offer the most comprehensive DNA test in the world. It uses the latest DNA analytic technology, Whole Exome Sequencing, to analyse 31 million genetic data points, which is over 50 times more than the average at-home DNA test on the market. 

What that means is that it is able to look through 500+ of your genetic insights across 20 categories including health and disease risk, carrier screening, brain health, diet, fitness, well-being, and more—all with just one quick saliva swab. CircleDNA then provides impactful reports and actionable health recommendations to help you achieve your best, healthiest self. What’s a more personal and meaningful gift to a loved one than looking out for their health?

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A test kit designed for your needs

There are four different CircleDNA kits to choose from. The Vital DNA Test (RM790) is the standard kit, designed for those who seek actionable insights to optimise their overall lifestyle with 125+ reports on an optimal diet, nutrition intake, fitness, and wellness. For those seeking a more in-depth look at their health, the Health DNA Test (RM2,090) is best for managing long-term health, with 115+ reports that reveal genetic risks for cancer, chronic diseases, brain health, and other major health issues. 

The Vital DNA Test (RM790) & the Family Planning DNA Test – Duo Set (RM2,995), from CircleDNA


There’s also the Family Planning DNA Test – Duo Set (RM2,995) for couples who are thinking of starting a family. This kit is aimed to give couples peace of mind as they plan for their future, as it screens for 163+ carrier conditions that might be passed on to their offspring. Then, the crème de la crème, the Premium DNA Test (RM2,590) offers the worlds most comprehensive DNA test, spanning 500+ reports that allow you to take full control of your health and make informed decisions concerning your well-being. 


Specially packaged CircleDNA kit for the festive season


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A fitting gift idea for Christmas or even as something to take you into a brand new year with greater assurance, CircleDNA has just launched a new gift-wrapping service, offered free of charge to customers until 31 December 2022. Throughout this period, any CircleDNA purchase will arrive packaged in an elegant white gift box, decorated with a large C featuring intricate, DNA helix-inspired gold foil patterns.

To make your purchase or to learn more about CircleDNA, visit their website here. To explore other gift ideas this season, check out our other features here.