What You Need to Know About Malaysian Author Claudia Tan

Malaysia’s new and hottest author

Claudia Tan has made a name for herself through her number-one-selling book, The Perfect AddictionThe up-and-coming author made it big in the writing world when her number-one-selling book was adapted into a movie. If you must know, she is actually more than just a creative writer. With many more talents up her sleeve, she has impressed and amazed everyone around her.

Since the release of her new book-to-screen adaptation, Tan’s works have been soaring the charts and flown off shelves. With fans having her books on their to-be-read list, it is safe to say that this Malaysian author has stolen the hearts of many with her addictive and hypnotizing writing.

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Scroll below to learn a few fun facts about the rising star.

Here are 5 fun facts about the Malaysian author Claudia Tan:

She’s also a singer

Image Credit: Instagram/@claudiaaatan

Not only does Claudia Tan have the talent for writing, but the 25-year-old shows that she is made up of more. After becoming famous on Tik Tok in 2020 through her 70s-inspired song, Bodies, Claudia Tan is also making it big in the music industry in Malaysia. From performing at the Good Vibes festival in 2022 to releasing multiple foot-tapping, catchy singles, Claudia Tan is ready to show what she got in the music industry.

She started out on Wattpad

Image Credit: Instagram/@claudiaaatan

Believe it or not but Claudia Tan first started her writing journey on the famous online platform, Wattpad. The young adult writer made her debut in writing in 2014. With talent and drive for writing, Claudia Tan took it to Wattpad to share her original story with the rest of the world. But little did she know, her book would become a sensational hit among young readers. The Perfect Addiction has it all, from the tension between the characters to a sexy love triangle, you won’t want to put this book down. After gaining over 80 million reads on her first story, Claudia Tan’s Perfect Addiction wins the People’s Choice Award in the 2015 Wattys Award. Over the years, the Malaysian author published over four books in the Perfect series.

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Her book-to-screen journey

Image Credit: Instagram/@rossbutler

Claudia Tan’s famous book Perfect Addiction hit the screens on 24 March. After gaining a multitude of views from her book, Perfect Addiction was adapted into a movie and was brought to life. With hit stars such as Ross Butler and Kiana Madeira, the movie became a big hit upon its release.

She was born in Sarawak

Not many people know this but singer-songwriter/author, Claudia Tan is originally from Kuching, Sarawak.

Graduated University

Claudia Tan graduated from Lancaster University, England, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & History.