Model Nalisa Alia Amin Takes Us Through Her First AstraZeneca Vaccine Jab

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Photo by Daniel Schludi/Unsplash

You booked your slot for the very first day it was available. Why was it important for you to take it as soon as it was offered?

“It’s important for me because I still live with my mom who is a senior citizen. Meanwhile, my dad is disabled and immunocompromised so it’s hard for me to visit him even though we live nearby. If anything were to happen, I did not want to infect my parents as I’m usually out and about, and exposed to people for work.”

What should one expect to go through on vaccine day? Can you take us through the steps? 

“I would say come 15-20 minutes earlier than your appointment slot just in case. I arrived at PWTC at 4:20pm for my 5pm appointment and surprisingly enough, was done  by 5:15pm. The process was fast and efficient. All you have to do is fill up the consent forms and there will be volunteers guiding you on what to do and where to go along the way. I thought I would wait for a long time in one area but they kept moving me from one location to another, so it felt like everything was moving very fast. Bring your own pen, IC and jacket because it does get chilly in there.” 

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