#DigitalDiary: Melissa Yang

BAZAAR presents an exclusive collective called the BAZAAR #DigitalDiary where we go into the lives of new-age Malaysian girls living abroad, local by heritage and international by culture. Stay dated with our #BAZAARDigitalDiary hashtag for a delectable churn of our local millennial ladies. Watch this space as BAZAAR has the best of the new breed.

The one who roams the world with wild abandon is the one who turns pavements to runways. She who dares will make the world her stage. Meet BAZAAR’s #DigitalDiary fashion savant, Melissa Yang. Emerging fashion ‘IT’ blogger and social media starlet, the new colour of cool comes in many patterns and prints personalised to the digital identity of @LadyinLoubs. Closet contentment is one chic click away.

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 I’m a hopeless romantic, so any typical rom-com works for me.



To be honest, I haven’t been reading but there’s this book that I’ve been wanting to read. It’s called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.



Paris, always a good idea!






Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville.

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