The #JetSetSeries of… Chelsea Dean


BAZAAR introduced the millennial muses of the social world in #DigitalDiary where we combed across the world for Malaysians living abroad, now we shed light on international tastemakers with the #JetSetSeries featuring the well-heeled style setters geared with an insatiable thirst for novelty. First in line to the online exclusive is London girl, Chelsea Dean who just about lives the high life in picture perfect squares as reeled out on @ChelseaDeanStylist. Wild antics, oceanic utopia and landscapes to kill, Chelsea shows us that maybe blondes do have more fun.


South Beach Miami | Instagram @chelseadeanstylist

Travel Style

When traveling we are often vulnerable to seeking comfort. However, the trick is to feel relaxed without compromising style. For long haul flights I stay loyal to high waisted pants, usually cutting a ‘boyish’ silhouette for comfort. A plain white shirt and a fedora upon arrival is ideal paired with innovative luxury luggage. I have my eyes on Louis Vuitton’s new roller bag!

Airport Wardrobe Staple

I never travel without my personalised Louis Vuitton luggage, even when I am tired, jet lagged and ultimately fed up with life, I still feel I have an air of elegance – if that’s even possible after a 24 hour flight.

Packing Philosophy

When I pack I always aim to pack smart. In todays world we never know with what we are to be greeted when we step off at our desired destination. Be fashionably prepared for all climates and all outcomes. You never know what exclusive parties or off the cuff hiking sessions you will be forced to attend.

Five Travel Essentials

  1. Sunglasses, suitable for all climates and a girls best friend when you are having an ‘off’ day.
  2. Laptop. always working away.
  3. Loungewear, need to stay comfortable when replying to endless emails and concentrating intently on finishing your first book.
  4. Bikinis, there is always hope of a spa whatever the weather.
  5. A Formal Dress, it doesn’t have to be a gown but something sophisticated enough to cover all possibilities. I am forever faithful to Zimmerman, there unique pieces being both stylish and feminine.
Cabrera, República Dominicana| Instagram @chelseadeanstylist

Cabrera, República Dominicana | Instagram @chelseadeanstylist

Best Travel Hack

Always pack a pair of cashmere socks. It is always freezing on the plane and the socks provided don’t quite cut the mustard. Also, whether flying first or not always take the ‘priority line’. Who can refuse a well-dressed woman.

Holiday Beauty Essentials

For me this is difficult, I’ve never worn make up in my life, except to maybe a couple of events, and even then I felt like a drag queen. However, I am a fan of Chanel’s inimitable mascara and of course sun cream is always a winner when traveling somewhere hot. I always opt for Clarins as it is super soft on the skin.

Worst Holiday Memory

Without a doubt being held in jail in Doha. It’s a long story but all I can say was it was definitely the most terrifying experience of my life.

Fondest Holiday Destination

My fondest holiday was South Africa. Nothing beats being in a 4×4, wind blowing through your hair, surrounded by the worlds most fearsome animals. And aside from the terrain the culture was truly inspiring.

Most Travelled Location

This is tough as I always prefer to go somewhere I haven’t been. However I am torn between NYC and Thailand. No matter the circumstances I always seem to end up visiting both at least two or three times a year, perhaps because of the food, my heart is cheap when it comes to gourmet meals.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.42.40 am

Island Hopping in Thailand | Instagram @chelseadeanstylist

Ideal Travelling Companion

I feel slightly ashamed to say, no one. I much prefer to travel alone. Of course it is nice to have company and I usually catch up with friends in some form or another but I like to have the freedom to do what I want when I want.

Best Night Club

For me it would have to be Funky Buddha, Marbella. Its sophisticated, spacious and I am totally in love with the décor – its oriental setting has an almost Parisian feel.

Best Beach

Whitehaven Beach, Australia. The sand is pure white that you could even clean your jewellery with it. The views are breathtaking and absolutely spectacular.

In three words, the world is…

Intricate, Complicated and Opportunistic.


Instagram @chelseadeanstylist