Sereni & Shentel x Harper’s BAZAAR: Episode 2 Unveiled!

Learn how to bake the Sereni and Shentel way, find out what’s cooking in their kitchen and whats baking in their oven.

What is in your kitchen pantry?

Sereni: Miso sauce, dried seaweed, rice vinegar and wasabi. We love cooking Japanese at home.

Shentel: Steel cut oats, rice, Potato chips, Pretzels, Almonds, Sultanas, Baked beans, Sardines, Coffee and pineapple tarts.

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What party dessert are you best at whipping out?

Sereni: A decadent bread and butter pudding. My whole family look forward to it every xmas. I only make it once a year.

Shentel: Something store bought. I don’t do desserts. (hahahhaha)


Favourite sweet midnight snack? 

Sereni: Peanut butter sandwich and a hot milo. I have this every night before bed!

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Shentel: Good old fashion fruit and nut chocolate bar.

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One indulgence for a cheat day?

Sereni:Fried chicken. Every day is cheat day.

Shentel: Mc Donalds for breakfast, Pizza Hut for Lunch, KFC for dinner and Sugar Bun for supper.

Describe your most ideal and magnificent cake?

Sereni: Red velvet cake topped with fried chicken. I had one made for Shentel’s birthday few years ago. We had it with a side of laksa. For breakfast.

Shentel: Oreo and Coconut cake with Nutella frosting topped with hazelnuts and snicker flavoured macaroons served with triple cream.

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