The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 official teaser trailer hits 100M views

The big day is upon us! As the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 draws even closer, telecommunications giant Samsung teased its global audience with the official Unpacked trailer released on the 28 July, 2021. 

The trailer takes us through a galaxy comprised of vintage phone models through the decades, tracing its evolution in design and form, technology and innovation, beginning with what looks like the brick-sized Motorola DynaTAC (1983), the first ever portable mobile phone (and easily the largest and heaviest), before speeding through other recognisable models (for non-millennials, at least) that include the indestructible and once-popular Nokia 3310, the sleek Blackberry Curve and what could be a Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson flip phone, before passing through the unmistakable form of the Galaxy Fold.

The message is clear: mobile phone technology evolves at rapid speed, and over the years, though innovation brought about improvements, in spite of the different brands competing to reign supreme phone models increasingly tend to look and work the same. Which is good enough for most users as long as they perform effectively. But Samsung asks, “Is ‘good’ good enough?” 

Samsung is inviting everyone to rethink the next step in mobile phone evolution, and as the film reaches its climax we see a sprawling cosmopolitan opening up, Inception-style, unfolding to its full glory, as the words “Get ready to unfold” offers a final tease. 

We know what to expect come August 11, when the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked reveals itself. The Samsung Z Fold 3 is upon us and judging by the comments in Samsung’s YouTube channel, it’ll be an event all gadget aficionados should not miss. The Unpacked official trailer alone has netted an impressive 100 million views since its release. 

To coincide with the Big Event, Samsung initiated a consumer-engaging campaign, the #UnfoldChallenge, that sees Korean supernovas BTS, acting wunderkind Millie Bobby Brown, as well as 7 global influencers, driving participation on TikTok as they ask viewers to “get ready to unfold.” 

Don’t miss out on the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021, streaming online via these channels come 11 August 2021 (Wednesday) at 10:00pm Malaysian time. 

Viewing Links:, Samsung Malaysia YouTube, Samsung Malaysia Facebook and Samsung Malaysia Newsroom

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