#BAZAAREscape: Top 5 Blissful Islands To Visit In Sweden

Ever thought of visiting Sweden? The country brought us big brands such as Ikea, H&M, and Volvo to name a few. Join us as we explore Swedish holiday destinations.

Oland / Photo by Samuel Horn af Rantzien_Unsplash

Hej, it's time for Sweden!

It's great if you have visited Stockholm and Gothenburg and had a fruitful experience and some fantastic memories along your way. But now, let us lead the way for you by escaping to the coast to catch some rays and lasting peace of mind. If you've never been to the islands in Sweden, it's time. The calmness of the islands came as a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Here are the five idyllic islands you should not miss during your next summer trip to Sweden.

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Oland / Photo by Oleh Holodyshyn_Unsplash

Known as the second-largest Swedish island, the unique nature and mild landscape makes Öland a perfect holiday destination. For generations, many Swedes visit here during the Summer for hiking trails and leisurely strolls along the sandy beaches.

Meanwhile, for new travellers, you may start from the historical town of Sweden, Borgholm known for its ancient ringforts and buildings from the early 1800s. Walk around the beautiful gardens and head to the furthest south to the Ottenby Bird Observatory, a paradise for birdwatchers since opening in 1946 and home to 140 species. Give yourself plenty of time to savour some local delights to complete your island experience.

Location: In the Baltic Sea, län of Kalmar

Journey: 13 minutes by bus from Kalmar Öland Airport to Kalmar Centralstation

Best time to visit: June, July & August

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